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2 in 1 Portable vacuum cleaner & Tire Inflator

2 in 1 Portable vacuum cleaner & Tire Inflator

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aspiradora de mano

Neblina y clima polvoriento, el automóvil es fácil de acumular polvo, con una succión manual, los restos de cenizas flotantes no tienen dónde esconderse.La boquilla de succión puede aspirar las partículas finas, el automóvil en todos los rincones de la aspiradora, siempre manténgalo limpio

Potente poder de succión

Motor sin escobillas de alto rendimiento con hasta 80.000 rpm.Sin pérdida de escobillas de carbón, mejora la eficiencia de limpieza.Aspa de ventilador de metal turbocargada con succión directa oscilante de 150,000 Pa para una succión más potente.

Cabezal de succión multifuncional

Aspira alfombras, camas, sofás, escritorios y rincones de tu hogar de difícil acceso con facilidad. Mantiene el ambiente limpio en todo momento.

Sistema de filtración

Double filtration system, using stainless steel filters and HEPA filters, can intercept large particles of debris and fine dust, to prevent secondary pollution, and can be rinsed with water for recycling. At the same time has a low gear - high-grade two vacuum mode, low gear white light is always on, can be used for about 30 minutes; high gear blue light is always on, can be used for about 15 minutes.

Fast inflating

This mini electric air pump has a maximum pressure of 120PSI and a unique cylinder design to achieve a large air flow of 6.5L/min With a maximum inflation pressure of 120PSI, you can easily inflate all your car, bike, motorcycle tires or other small items in minutes.

Preset Functions

With pressure presetting function, you can preset the desired air pressure value, open the inflation, the most atmospheric pressure can be filled to 10.3 bar, usually Home car tire pressure is 2.5 bar, automatically stop after reaching the preset pressure, so that the inflatable more intelligent. Provide fast, accurate and safe inflation experience.

Wide range of applications

Includes more than 3 nozzles. Inflation time: 10 minutes for car tires (0-2.5 bar), 2 minutes for car tires (2-2.5 bar); 2.5 minutes for road bikes (0-120psi), 3 minutes for mountain bikes (0-60psi); 1.5 minutes for balance bikes (0-60psi); 20 seconds for basketballs (0-9psi). Includes accessories for fast inflatable balls, air pillows, cushions and mattresses.

Digital display intelligent control

When connecting the tire pump, the LCD digital display screen clearly displays the current pressure value, and monitors the pressure at any time. Smart air pump is available in 4 units, including PSI, BAR, KPA, Kg/cm².

Easy to carry

Small and portable, easy to use, does not take up space in the car. Can also be placed in the backpack, take out at any time to inflate.

Convenient charging

Universal Type-C interface, built-in two 2500mah high-capacity lithium batteries, can last for 30 minutes, compatible with most cell phones and digital products on the market Charging cable, can be charged in the car, convenient to charge anywhere, anytime. Support 300 times charge and discharge use

Product parameters

Peso del producto: 560 g
Tamaño: 315 (L) * 54 (W)
Voltaje nominal: 5V ===
Corriente nominal: 2A