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Air Fryer Silicone Pot

Air Fryer Silicone Pot

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No More Mess Inside the Air Fryer!

You don’t need to wash as often as the actual bottom of air fryer because Silicone Pot is made of non-stick that prevents being stained so easily!

And also, all the oil from the meal, it goes to the side of the pot! The meal is 100% safe from greasiness.

Help to Better Cooking!

Silicone Pot helps to cook the whole meal in a time. The little comb in the pot makes better air circulation!

Stay Healty!

Made out of BPA free, food safe and non-stick silicone, our product ensures safe use at the high temperature of your air fryer.

Highly heat resistant material that withstands up to 450°F!

Easy to Clean!

After your food is ready, just throw it in your dishwasher! It is dishwasher safe!

This is huge game changer!! No more stress to clean your basket. It helps you to save your time/energy!

Everywhere, almost...

You can also use it in your refrigerator, microwave or oven!