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Toilet Brush

Toilet Brush

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Traditional toilet brushes are unattractive and disgusting, so it's no surprise that they're hidden behind the toilet. They sit in dirty water until the next time it comes to using them. This results in an unpleasant feeling to keep using something that`s dirty and smelly all of the time.

The new  Brush is a sterile and pleasant way to clean toilets. It features a revolutionary ventilation design that prevents dirty water from forming, therefore the head dries quickly and does not smell. This makes cleaning the toilet a much more pleasant and convenient experience.

6 Reasons Why The  Brush Will Change Your Life

 Flexible Head: The Brush design features a flexible head, allowing it to bend and effortlessly clean even the toughest corners. Improve the cleaning quality of the toilet, and forget about cleaning by hand.

 Save Money, Save the Planet: Thanks to its silicone bristles, the Brush is designed to last 3+ years, making it a perfect long-term solution. Reduce the frequency with which toilet brushes are replaced to help save money and the environment.

 Improves Hygiene: The  brush holder features a revolutionary ventilation design that allows any moisture to quickly evaporate. This keeps bad odors at bay while improving the hygiene of the bathroom.

 Easy To Clean: With large silicon-made bristles, maintaining the brush is a breeze, as it already prevents hair and other dirty objects from accumulating. Improve the sterility and convenience of using the brush.

 Multifunctional: The  brush features a unique flexible design and silicone bristles. This makes it the perfect solution for cleaning sinks, washbasins, and bathtubs by having a separate brush for each of these places.

 New 2022 Design: The brush not only looks amazing on the eye, but it’s also wall-mounted and features a new automatic opening and closing design. This results in improved convenience of use and keeps the bathroom appearing modern and tidy.

We understand how disgusting it is to use a toilet brush that stays dirty and smelly. Besides, it can be unpleasant to keep the traditional uncleaned brush close to your toilet. According to a recent study, the average household changes their toilet brush every 8 to 12 months, because of how quickly they become ugly to use.

With the  Brush, take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer struggle with unsanitary and ineffective brushes. It not only improves the hygiene of your bathroom but also the style and look. Experience a more convenient way of keeping your throne immaculate, while saving money on buying a new brush every year.

Product Specification

Material: TPR Silicone

Product Colours: White / Orange / Green

Product Size: 42.5CM *8CM / 17.6In*3.15In

Package Contents: 1 Long-Handled Toilet Brush + 1 adhesive hook